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Environment Friendly Sailing Sports Articles | August 22 Nate Davis Authentic Jersey , 2008
Nothing beats the fun and excitement of sailing as a hobby - but have you considered the impact of sailing on the environment?

Sailing is an popular pastime - but what is the impact on the environment?

Sailing can be a fairly green hobby, but there are issues to be aware of.

We have put together a handy guide to help you think about Green Sailing. By taking a few simple steps, you can keep future costs of sailing down and sustain high quality water and local environments.

Fuel Oil and fuels are the most frequently reported pollutant of inland waters in England and Wales. Most damage comes from refuelling, engine emissions and oil leaks.

- Use a funnel when pouring fuel or oil - Good maintenance of fuel lines, connections and seals helps avoid leaks - A drip tray under the engine is a requirement on many waterways. If it starts getting oily A.J. Brown Authentic Jersey , find and mend the leak!

Appreciate wildlife In the UK we have an abundance of thriving wildlife. It is our responsibility as sailing enthusiasts to ensure that we do everything in our power to protect it.

- Sow down your speed if you are causing ecessive wash - it will disturb birds nests, erode the shoreline and kill vegetation. Find out if the areas you sail in are protected, and why. There may be vulnerable seabed species, so beware of dragging your anchor - Minimise the amount of soaps and detergents used in onboard sinks, showers and washing machines. Avoiding products which contain chlorine and bleach will reduce the risk of damage to flora and fauna. If you use cleaning products select environmentally sensitive ones.

Limit noise and exhaust fumes Exhaust emissions are made up of carbon monoxide Jeffery Simmons Authentic Jersey , hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and various pollutants. The Government has stated that by 2005, 5% of fuel must come from renewable sources such as biodiesel.

- A badly maintained engine consumes more fuel and expels more emissions than a well maintained one, so ensure your engine has a regular service - Fitting noise insulation around you engine can reduce airborne noise by up to 85% causing less disturbance to wildlife and making life on board more comfortable - When buying a new boat for inland waterways, consider an electric powered craft. They have no exhaust emissions and are very quiet

Hazardous Waste Incorrect disposal of waste is unnecessary - by using recycling facilities and reducing our waste Jurrell Casey Authentic Jersey , we are all contributing to a more environmentally friendly environment.

- Cigarette ends can harm birds and last up to 5 years. Smokers should keep a small tin in their pocket to stub out and keep butt ends. - Invest in starch-based rubbish bags for short trips. They break down in 12-18 months rather than 20 years plus for regular plastic bags. - Prevent rubbish from blowing overboard. Remove excess packaging and recycle it at home.

Beware of alien species Alien species are non-native species that have become established outside their normal habitat or native country. A growing cause of concern is fast-growing species such as Zebra Mussels. They can block engine cooling water intakes resulting in engines over-heating.

- Clean all parts of the boat, trailer and equipment that come into contact with the water before leaving the water catchment. Remove any visible plant, fish, animal matter and mud. - Do not run through water plants and weed if avoidable. If caught up on the hull or propeller they can be transferred to another area. - Risks of acquiring invasive hitchhikers on the boat increase the longer the boat is kept in the water. Why not consider keeping the boat in the water ONLY when it is needed.

We must work together to protect our shores. If in doubt, remember the 3 R's...Reduce Kevin Byard Authentic Jersey , Reuse and Recycle!

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The all-new CRICKET SW3 is the perfect option for folks who love the original CRICKET ESV's portability, reliability, and convenience----but prefer the familiarity of a standard steering wheel and a traditional accelerator pedal Derrick Henry Authentic Jersey , KETS," smiles CEO and founder Rick Huff. "The more-powerful Corey Davis Authentic Jersey , more-rugged new-generation CRICKET is lightweight (just 303 lbs.), only five feet long, 32 inches wide, and folds down to only 28 inches high---so it fits easily into just about every motor home, RV Marcus Mariota Authentic Jersey , travel trailer, 5th-wheel, SUV, and pickup ever made." The CRICKET evens stows easily inside a small, 7-foot-wide horse trailer.

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